Grupo Fritos

Grupo de Estudos de Música Corporal (Percussão, Voz e Movimento)


Articles published in English:

Fritos Paths…

Body Percussion as a music resource

Body Sounds: Introduction to Body Percussion




FRITOS is a body music/body percussion study group that gets together in Sao Paulo (Brazil) to develop techniques, expand possibilities and broadcast this kind of language.


It was created in 2003 by Fernando Barba, Barbatuques creator and director, and nowadays reminds as an open e non-hierarchised group, with a collaborative structure, coordinated by the most experienced and active members.


The inspiration for the research not only comes from Fernando Barbas’s techniques and Stênio Mendes’ improvisation dinamics, but also from studies around Keith Terry’s polirhythmic studies, vocal improvisation, beatboxing, indian talas, hambone, gumboot and stepping and others. The meetings develop rhythm and coordination traning, creation of grooves, melodies, collective games and improvisation.


These studies feed the members’ artistic and educational activities and enrich their works with art, education, workshops and trainings, drama, music and even mathematic teaching.


People who have some contact with the body music/body percussion world and want to get involved can participate and join us in the studies, which happen every tuesday night in Sao Paulo (Brazil).


“FRITOS” in portuguese means FRIED. This name comes from the motor coordination and independence exercises we practise, challenging our habilities and, some times, “frying” our brains!



Cadu Souza (

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